Task<TRowData> api

Get the data for a specific row in a given data set.


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class TRowData {
	public dynamic data;
	public string error;
	public bool success;

This method returns a Task which will resolve to an TRowData object containing a data property which is a dynamic. This property will contain the data for the updated row with the names reflecting the id's of the data points in the data set.

Important: Please note that to make the data accessible in C# the data point's names have an underscore replacing the hyphen that is normally used. For example a data point of dp-3 can be accessed using dp_3. An example of this is shown below.

Note that the data property will always contain the following properties:

  • color - Row color
  • dv - Row data version
  • id - Row id

The returned TRowData instance also contains success and error:

  • success a boolean indicating if the request was successful
  • error a string with an error message if an error did occur, otherwise null.


The following shows the an example call to get the data from a data set with a data point that has an id of dp-12.

var api = new CloudTables.Api(':apiKey', {
	domain: ':domainOrIp'

var result = await api

// Note that `dp_12` will need to change to reflect your own data
Console.WriteLine("dp-12 data value is: " + result.data.dp_12);