Task<TDatasetData> api

Get the data for a given dataset.


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class TDatasetData
	public dynamic[] data;
	public string error;
	public bool success;

This async method returns a Task which will resolve to an TDatasetData instance which contains a data array with the information about the rows. The data array will hold one entry for each row in your data set, the exact structure of which will depend upon how your data set is configured, and any data sets which are linked to it. The properties in the row objects are named based upon their data point ids. The prefix for the id can help identify what type it is:

  • dp_ - regular data point
  • c_ - computed value
  • l_ - link (which will be an array of objects, in a similar structure, based upon the link).

Please note that the CloudTables API refers to these properties as having a hyphen rather than an underscore, but the .NET libraries use an underscore to make the data accessible in C#.

Each row object will also have the following properties:

  • id - The identifier for that row
  • dv - The data version of the row. Each edit will increment this value by one.
  • color - The row color as a hex string.

The API will return the value of all data points that the role(s) have access to, regardless of the visibility of the data points in the table CloudTables creates.

To understand the structure of the data representation for each row, please use the .Dataset().Schema() method.

The returned TDatasetData instance also contains success and error:

  • success a boolean indicating if the request was successful
  • error a string with an error message if an error did occur, otherwise null.


The following shows the an example call to get the data from a flight information CloudTable which contains dp-11 the flight number, l-5 a link to an airport's data set for the departure airport and l-6 for the link to the arrivals airport. Inside these two lines dp-8 is the airport name.

var api = new CloudTables.Api(":apiKey")

var result = await api.Dataset(":id").Data();

foreach (var row in result.data) {
	Console.WriteLine("Flight: " + row.dp_11 + " is from " + row.l_5[0].dp_8 + " to " + row.l_6[0].dp_8);