Data sets

Get a list of all data sets which can be accessed by the role(s) available to this API key and summary information about each data set.

curl \
	-G \
	-d 'key=:apiKey' \

Query parameters

  • key string Required Header
    The API key which will allow access. Note that this option can be also be provided as an HTTP header (also with the name key).
  • role string
    The name of the role that should be used for access (if assigned to the API key - if the role is not available for the API key no access will be granted). If not provided then all roles available to the API key will be used.
  • roles string[]
    Similar to role but allows multiple roles to be specified.

Body parameters



The JSON result from the server will contain a datasets array, which has objects that hold information about each of the data sets available for access:

    "datasets": [
            "deleteCount": number, // Number of rows that have been deleted in this data set
            "id":          string, // UUID - the identifier for the data set
            "insertCount": number, // Number of rows which have been inserted to this data set
            "lastData":    string, // ISO8061 - last updated date / time
            "name":        string, // Name of the data set
            "readCount":   number, // Number of times rows have been read from the data set
            "rowCount":    number, // Number of rows in the data set
            "updateCount": number  // Number of update / edit operations on the data set
        // ...


The following example shows an API return for a CloudTables application that has two data sets available, one which contains information about Airports and another about Flights:

	"datasets": [{
		"deleteCount": 4,
		"id": "f8b948bc-d409-11eb-b875-1b15216b0d99",
		"insertCount": 13,
		"lastData": "2021-09-15T15:58:49.577Z",
		"name": "Airports",
		"readCount": 60,
		"rowCount": 9,
		"updateCount": 78
	}, {
		"deleteCount": 12,
		"id": "cef7cca0-d40a-11eb-bd20-13c4b0dc5a8b",
		"insertCount": 14,
		"lastData": "2021-10-12T10:23:54.139Z",
		"name": "Flights",
		"readCount": 252,
		"rowCount": 2,
		"updateCount": 35
	"success": true