.dataset(...).row(...).data(): Dictionary

Get the data for a specific row in a given data set.


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This method returns a dictionary containing either a data object that holds the data row requested, or an error message. This object is identical in construction to the data objects returned for multiple rows from .dataset().data().

If a row is requested which does not exist, the JSON return will contain an error property with an error message.

	"data": {
		"id": number,
		"dv": number,
		// ... data values
	"error": string // If no error, then undefined


The following shows the an example call to get the data from a flight information CloudTable for row id 13. The data set contains dp-11 the flight number, l-5 a link to an airports data set for the departure airport and l-6 for the link to the arrivals airport. Inside these two lines dp-8 is the airport name.

api = CloudTablesApi(':apiKey', subdomain='sub-domain')
result = api.dataset(':id').row(13).data()

The resulting JSON structure is:

	"data": {
		"id": 13,
		"dv": 1,
		"dp-11": "AA123",
		"l-5": [{
			"id": 2,
			"dp-8": "Edinburgh"
		"l-6": [{
			"id": 3,
			"dp-8": "Bristol"