Task<TDatasetInfo[]> api.Datasets()

Get summary information about the available datasets (note that the roles applied in the constructor can restrict access so certain data sets may not be shown).


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This is an async method which returns a Task that will resolve to an array of objects that contains information about the available data sets, each with the following structure:

class TDatasetInfo
	public int deleteCount;
	public string id;
	public int insertCount;
	public string lastData;
	public string name;
	public int readCount;
	public int rowCount;
	public int updateCount;


The following example shows an API return for a CloudTables application that has two data sets available, one which contains information about Airports and another about Flights:

var api = new CloudTables.Api("sub-domain", ":apiKey");

var result = await api.Datasets();