Task<string> api
  .ScriptTagAsync(string style = "d")

Get a <script> tag for a specific dataset to be displayed as a table. Insert this script tag where you want the table to appear in your HTML. This is the same as ScriptTag, but it will retrieve the secure access token for you - thus requiring it to be async.


  • style string
    The styling framework to use for this table. Can be one of:
    • d - Default
    • auto - Auto detect
    • bm - Bulma
    • bs - Bootstrap 3
    • bs4 - Bootstrap 4
    • bs5 - Bootstrap 5
    • dt - CloudTables / DataTables default styling
    • zf - Zurb Foundation
    • ju - jQuery UI
    • se - Semantic UI
    • no - No styling


This async method returns a Task which will resolve to a string that contains the HTML <script> tag to use to embed your CloudTable.


var api = new CloudTables.Api("sub-domain", ":apiKey");

var result = await api.Dataset(":id").ScriptTagAsync();

Will result in a string such as: