new CloudTables.Api()

new CloudTables.Api(string subdomain, string key)

Creates a new instance of the CloudTables API libraries.


  • subdomain string Required
    The application sub-domain for your CloudTables (i.e. the part before
  • key string Required
    The API key to be used

Configuration methods

In addition to the "action" methods such as Dataset().Insert() and Dataset().ScriptTag() this class has a number of methods that can be used to configure how it accesses the CloudTables API. These methods are documented below:

  • ClientId(string id) Api Recommended
    A unique id for the client accessing the table on your system. While this is optional it is a recommended parameter as it is useful for tracking requests in CloudTables' analytics.
  • ClientName(string name) Api Recommended
    A label that can help identify a user - e.g. a name or e-mail address.
  • Condition(Condition cond) Api
    Condition(s) to apply to data being fetched. Please see the embedding conditions documentation for full details. For details of the Condition class, please see its documentation.
  • Domain(string value) Api
    Host domain for the CloudTables instance. Used for self-hosted installs of CloudTables.
  • Duration(int value) Api
    Access token's idle time out (defaults to 1 day).
  • Role(string value) Api
    Per Roles but for a single role only.
  • Roles(IEnumerable values) Api
    The name of the role that should be used for the generated access token (if assigned to the API key - if the role is not available for the API key no access will be granted). If not provided then all roles available to the API key will be used.
  • Ssl(bool value) Api
    Use https or http connections. Used for self-hosted installs of CloudTables.