CloudTables provides a REST API that can be used to embed data sets into a HTML page. It also provides full CRUD support to create, retrieve, update, and delete data.


The server-side API clients for CloudTables provide the ability to securely embed your data sets into your web-pages / apps, as well as full CRUD support. Fundamentally, each client uses the HTTP REST API to submit queries and updates to, but provides packages using paradigms suitable for each of the different programming environments:


The CloudTables client-side libraries are used to make the embedding of a CloudTable data set into a web-page / app much easier. The client-side libraries do not produce support for the CRUD API, but rather focus solely on embedding data sets in a manner suitable for the framework you are using:

Rate limits

Please note that a rate limiter is applied to the API for our hosted service. This is set to be 1000 requests over a a 15 minute period (~1 request per second). Our self-hosted service does not have a rate limiter applied.